Contract Staffing

Radar’s contract staffing delivery team strives to provide the best blend of technical professionals, with essential skills and competencies, where and when they are needed the most. Our staffing specialists are adept at skilled at identifying and recruiting people for short and medium-term contract placements across wide range of skills.

We help you to Find Top Quality Employees with low cost. We have committed sourcing and selection process and ability to find & recruit the candidates with specialized skills for your project when you need them most. We efficiently use our in-house talents to our clients as and when they face unexpected attrition levels.

Our Reduced Turnover & Increased Predictability sets us as leading player in recruitment industry. Our core strength is we have huge and wide range of employee database spread across various industries. We are strengthening our employee database via offline and online channels rapidly.

With solid talent pool, we deliver best and efficient results to our clients. We closly work with clients and fulfill their needs with excessive attention, devotion and drive to complete the project efficiently at quicker.

Why You Should Choose Us?

  • We assist organizations to Speed up the Hiring Process
  • By choosing us as your recruiting partner, you are freed from the cumbersome and time-consuming task of finding potential candidates.
  • You can save organizations considerable time and money as we are economically cheap.
  • We have best resources, tools and connections to manage client needs, volumes and expectations whether the requirement is for one employee or hundreds, next month or tomorrow.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive candidates engagement processes enabled with right tools and processes – Reduced Turnover & Increased Predictability
  • Fully automated payroll processes with self-help HR desk / portal
  • On-going warm-pool sourcing efforts for widely used skills

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