Our methodology is to be simplistic and flexible to respond to the constantly changing business environment in the competitive global landscape.

We work with our clients on their own terms without complex processes and needless overheads.

Our flexible delivery model enables our clients to identify and hire the right talent to rapidly build high performance teams of any size, in any location.

Whether it’s filling a short-term position or implementing a long-term resource management strategy, our staffing specialists work closely with our clients to deliver the solution that best meets their needs.

High Performance Team

In addition to years of organisational experience, our staffing specialists have extensive backgrounds in the industries and technologies they support. This internalised knowledge base enables our team to provide extended arm support and add value throughout the search and staffing process.

Proven Processes and Methodologies

We employ our own proprietary recruiting methodology to identify, qualify and hire contract staffing resources. Our methodology ensures consistent, predictable and high quality results across various staffing assignments and also provides a delivery platform that enables us to continuously improve our service.

Precise and accurate Candidate Matching

Mining from our internal database of candidates, we perform precise and accurate searches across tens of thousands of skilled technical professionals. Our pre-screening and assessment process thoroughly reviews candidate background, technical skills and behavioural characteristics. We combine this information with our knowledge of the client’s requirements, culture and industry to provide the most optimal candidates for each the staffing mandates.

Enterprise Class Support

Our consultants are committed to the success of each assignment and we support our clients from the initial requisition through the assignment completion in a seamless manner. As a global recruiting and staffing company, we also offer a greater breadth of services and capabilities than traditional staff augmentation firms.

Clients’ hiring needs are often dictated by their industry-specific dynamics. While growth trajectory offers scope for extensive hiring, it may be prudent to focus on intensive search for specialists who can anchor expertly at times of business saturation, or recession. Given such situational hiring needs, it makes sense to approach expert-vendors who offer the best solution to any contingency. Even as organizations would not mind sourcing their diverse hiring needs from different vendors, a single-window can still provide measured results. Radar TechnoSoft – by virtue of being a comprehensive source – has struck a chord with a niche pool of clients across industries. Radar Technosoft’s proven business model is an ideal fusion of:

Recruitment model