Radar’s diverse & industry-specific competence enables it to deliver solutions mapped to clients’ requirement. It leverages its expert market intelligence to devise recruitment solutions.  Clients from across the entire gamut of business fraternity have found Radar’s ingenious solutions to be catalytic to their business acceleration.  Radar is determined to build on the reputation and explore its space beyond its current domain, which comprises:

Information Technology

Radar relies on its insightful industry experience in helping its clients adapt to evolving technology equations in a globally competitive IT services market. Its mission-critical staffing solutions have proven significance how IT organizations & Consulting Firms can differentiate their delivery system & achieve competitive-edge. Radar’s robust industry network coupled with its resourcefulness makes it most-sought-after partner for mission-critical staffing needs.

Financial Services Sector

While the dawn of new-age banking, finance & insurance means a huge business opportunity, it also demands resourcefulness to handle operations in profitable ways. As people-skills become critical to achieve organizational goals, it needs a well-thought out & strategic HRM in place to maneuver through a fiercely competitive banking, finance and insurance sector.

Radar, with proven credentials, can help a variety of financial institutions to address their staffing needs at all levels of management, Radar has the distinction of being a strategic recruitment partner for leading banking, retail financial services, investment, & wealth management companies.


As the telecom industry enters another phase of technological revolution, it opens up ample opportunities for both companies as well as professionals. Though there is no dearth of talent in the market, the lure of reward is such that it might be difficult to retain talent from lucrative baits offered by competitors. Given this situation, telecom players are bound to face the threat & cost of talent exodus.

Radar – with its uniquely designed HRM policies for the telecom industry – can help companies attract, train and retain talent without any address impact on cost & profitability.


Infrastructure sector, because of its inherent nature, needs able personnel to be managing its priority functions such as acquisition, clearances, construction, project management, etc. While there is enough talent available in the market, discovering & retaining them right ones may still be challenging.

Radar – with its strategic connect with the industry – can help augment staffing needs at all functional levels. Radar holds the distinction of on-boarding the best talent for some of the leading manes in the infrastructure sector.

Engineering / Manufacturing

Companies in manufacturing sector need a judicious mix of personnel at different levels of operation. It is the quality of this composition that decides their fortunes in the ultimate market place. Given such overriding necessity, companies might be better off sourcing expert advice on the right composition of personnel for their internal processes.

Radar, having been a HRM advisory for leading companies in the manufacturing sector, is uniquely capable of offering strategic staffing solutions to a host of light & heavy engineering, plastic, metals, textiles, fine chemicals, etc.

Health Care Services Industry

Health Care Industry, because of its propensity to be inventive in nature, requires the most flexible personnel to be managing its affairs. Companies within the industry are bound to experience its similar way. Right from R&D to till the highest hierarchy of decision-making, organizations would require to be continually improvising their personnel skills in tune with industry dynamics. Faced with such inherent challenge, players within the health care industry might well consider it prudent to rely on the services of an external vendor.

And, when it is the question of selecting the right external vendor, Radar – with its most innovative staffing solutions attuned to the health care industry standards – stands out to be your preferred recruitment partner.

Automobile Sector

The unbridled run of automobile industry is case of both bountiful opportunities for players within the industry – expanding market & people’s ability to pay for innovative models have made it lucrative to both existing as well as newer entrants. At the same time, companies have begun to experience HRM issues related to change-management amidst globally evolving industry standards. Because it will have its impact across all operational processes, companies would need to prepare & onboard talent at diverse levels address change-management successfully.

Radar – having devised successful change-management programs for a host of automobile companies – is resourceful enough to address HRM issues across the value-chain.