We, at Radar, are bound by a promise to deliver what clients expect from us.  We see it more as an opportunity to surpass expectation than just a responsibility thrust upon us. That is why, we meticulously follow proven & scientific approach while executing staffing solutions. It is quite discernible in the manner we deliver hiring needs right from requirement understanding through to analysis, research, screening, interviews, negotiations, on-boarding, follow up, etc., to complete the entire recruitment life cycle.

As a result of Radar’s comprehensive, innovative, result-oriented and economical approach, clients can experience the best of returns from investment on human resources. Moreover, clients can also benefit our onsite delivery model, which functions in perfect harmony with clients’ internal HR staff and has a minimal turnaround time (TAT).

Overall, Radar’s ingenious approach is aimed at delivering tangible value through:

  • Rapid mobilization of qualified professionals across broad range of skill-sets
  • Flexible and responsive service offering best suiting the business context
  • Higher productivity and lower turnover due to advanced candidates engagement processes